Water Softener



Depending on the area you are in, you may be noticing or hearing that you have "hard water". You may be having to scrub fixtures, sinks and shower walls harder or more often than necessary. Or you just may not like the taste and feel of the water coming in from the city. A water softener may be the solution for some of these issues.  


There are a wide variety of water softeners, conditioners and filters on the market. The main purpose of any system is going to be what will benefit your household the most and what will help extend the life of each fixture. 

Alligator Plumbing is ready and available to come out and give a free on site estimate to help give you an idea of the cost associated with a water softener. If you have a few products in mind, we can give you a more accurate estimate and walk you though what work will need to be done to get the unit installed.