Water Spots

A common issue in homes is build up of  water spots on faucets, showers handles, shower heads, shower walls, doors and pretty much all areas that the water hits. These spots can have to do with “hard water” that can be heavily loaded with minerals. Those little spots you are seeing are actually calcium and magnesium in the water that leave hard deposits called lime scales , and over time if those calcium deposits are left to build up, they can actually start to block or restrict the flow of your water from faucets and shower heads.

The question is, what can be done to remove these mineral deposits without spending a ton of money to have a plumber install a whole house water softener. Well, with a little elbow grease, and some time, you can actually remove these deposits with a solution called CLR. This stuff works great and you can even soak shower heads and aerators or faucet screens in this solution to restore it to its original functionality. Some times it comes off easily but some times you may have to spend some time scrubbing away the build up of deposits. 

Mineral Deposit Build up on Shower Head