Garbage Disposal Demons - Plumbing Tips


The garbage disposal has become an integral part of every Bay Area kitchen. You probably scrape your plates into the sink without even a second thought. But if you aren’t careful, this could lead to garbage disposal odors or problems in the future.

So before you flush your uneaten scraps through your kitchen disposal, take a look second thought and maybe use the garbage can.  

While the list of items we'd advise not to put down your garbage disposal is rather large, lets start with two items we frequently see and hear go down ones disposal. As much as we love rice and pasta they are notorious garbage disposal demons. 

As with every appliance, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way and garbage disposals are no exception.  In the event you run into a garbage disposal issue outside of your DIY comfort zone, give Alligator Plumbing a call 925-575-7584.